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    HDR - Tutorial

    I’ve been a commercial and landscape photographer most of my working life and photographed wide ranging subjects over many years. But like many of my peers I get stuck in a rut occasionally; I need fresh visual stimulation to get me cranked up again. And I found it in HDR (High Dynamic Range).

    HDR led me to subject matter I would normally ignore. It liberated me, produced a unique and individual interpretation of unusual subjects that I’ve found very stimulating. HDR has become a new way of looking at things and for me that’s been a powerful creative incentive.

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    How to prevent flare in a METABONES Canon EF adapter (mark 111)

    Sony’s new A7r is a remarkable camera but the Metabones EF lens adapter supplied with it has serious flare. Sony seems uninterested in the problem, even though it provides the adapter under a rebate arrangement when you buy an A7 & A7r.

    So I decided to fix the problem myself.

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