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Welcome to Dennis Harding Photography

Dennis Harding

Dennis Harding is an Australian landscape photographer with an inspirational collection of Tasmanian photographs. He has been publishing high quality work for more than 30 years, much of it evident in popular books like his best-seller and Galley award winner, Australia’s Island State, Tasmania.

This fit, energetic and hardworking photographer began solo bushwalking in his early 20s. As a mark of his dedication he once climbed the formidable Frenchmans Cap from the Lyall Highway in a single day. “When I was young”, he says,  “nothing was too physically demanding”.

In the early years Dennis was influenced by the work of Tasmanian wilderness photographer Olegas Truchanas. “I was motivated by Peter Dombrovskis too”, he recalls, “in fact it was Peter’s large format photography that inspired me to get my first 4x5 camera. I think it’s true to say that the direction my work has taken over 30 years was also shaped by the images of David Muench, Ansel Adams and Shinzo Maeda”.

Any content / images displayed on this website are proprietary and may not be copied in any way unless written permission is obtained directly by DennisHarding.com.au.

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